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Kenbrock has been involved with the manufacture and distribution of Rubber Flooring in Australia since the 1960’s and continues to be an innovator in this field. Kenbrock introduced the original Pirelli Rubber Flooring to Australia and is the only company in the world ever licensed to produce Pirelli product. Our new range of K2 Studded Rubber is still based on the original Pirelli design. Kenbrock is proud to present its newest range of Rubber Flooring – ‘Kinetics’. With an improved formulation alongside a designer colour pallet, Kinetics offers exceptional performance and design options for any application.In addition to our stock lines, Kenbrock Kinetics also offers the DIY – Design It Yourself option where you can mix and match base and chip colours to create a custom design. This is unique offering for rubber flooring and only available in Kinetics.



The Kenbrock ranges of rubber flooring are manufactured from virgin rubber. Inferior products manufactured from discarded car tyres offer none of the same benefits.


Rubber is the most durable of all resilient floorcoverings. It is capable of outlasting concrete. Rubber footpaths laid in Milan in 1948 are still in use today. In areas of exceptionally heavy traffic, such as airports, railway stations, trains, buses, football stadiums and schools you will find rubber flooring. The benefit is in the cross linking of rubber achieved during the vulcanization process. This sets rubber apart from PVC which simply relies on heat and compression. It is highly wear resistant and will never crack. It is also fully homogeneous.

Anti Fatigue

Permanent resiliency and flexibility in rubber delivers under-foot comfort and anti-fatigue benefits. This is important for people on their feet for long periods in retail stores, transit areas, restaurants, museums, bars and shopping malls.

Sound Absorbency

Post vulcanized rubber delivers exceptional sound absorbent qualities. The decibel rating for product which is 3.0/3.5mm thick is between 8dB – 9dB.


Safety is paramount in today’s commercial environments. Premium quality rubber flooring, such as Kinetics all have improved slip resistance, are manufactured from nontoxic substances, and meet the Building Code of Australia fire behaviour requirements.


Unlike other flooring, rubber is always sought after for recycling. It is simply shredded and reused.


The low VOC formulation of Kinetics also contains sustainably sourced Natural Rubber using the sap from the tree as opposed to the tree itself. Rubber products manufactured from virgin rubber are 100% recyclable.

Product Quality

Kinetics Tiles are free from heavy metals, halogens, plasticizers and Polyvinyl Chlorine (PVC). The ingredients used in the Kinetics formulation are of the highest quality. Of particular significance the percentage of actual rubber is one of the highest on the market. Kenbrock Kinetics features superior abrasion resistance for increase appearance retention.

Product Appearance

Kinetics features a fresh and visual shine which is retained long term. This is made possible by the use of EPDM synthetic rubber within the new formulation, a feature generally found in much higher priced formulations. The other factor is the removal of wax from the new formulation process enabling the shine to be retained.


The Kinetics colour range has been created by Australian colour consultants specifically for the Australian market.

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